Wheelchair Basketball
In May 2012, TS5C launched its Wheelchair Basketball Plus initiative with the aim of mixing wheelchair users, students and those with learning and behavioural issues living in Somerset. The idea was to show that everyone, despite adversity and irrespective of their situation, can work & learn from each other, and has a role to play in society.
To date the project has helped to finance the opening of three clubs; Yeovil, Street and Bridgwater.

The target is for two further clubs to be opened in Frome and Chard.
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In May 2012, TS5C launched its Wheelchair Basketball Plus initiative with the aim of mixing wheelchair users, students and those with learning and behavioural issues living in Somerset, in a levelling sport which is fast, challenging and requires concentration and team work. 

This then had a press launch in October 2012. The initiative is to establish a wheelchair basketball league in Somerset with a difference - bringing together both able and disabled people in the same team. It will endeavour to integrate wheelchair users and students, with individuals with learning difficulties, anti-social behaviour issues and personal problems, potentially linking in with the restorative justice system established in Somerset.

The idea is to demonstrate that people can succeed despite adversity, and that everyone irrespective of their situation can work learn from each other, and has a role in society. The clubs will initially operate from five locations in Somerset, principally areas of high deprivation. Whilst we have one major sponsor on board, they are not able to give us all the funding for the length of time this project needs.

The cost of setting the system up is estimated at £11,000 a year plus, and it will take four years to establish these clubs. At the end of the four years it is our intention that at least one of the clubs will be a member of the British Wheelchair Basketball league and hopefully others will follow. Our 2012/13 business plan incorporates this scheme. We aim to purchase new or reconditioned wheelchairs, but would like to make use of existing basketball & wheelchair basketball teams, and hope to involve injured servicemen who would enjoy working in this field with young people, this we will progress through March/April 2013.

We will be going live with the first clubs in January/ February and will be sending volunteer coaches on a weekend course to obtain level 1 & 2 certificates from the British Wheelchair Basketball Association in January and February. You may also be interested to learn the South West and Somerset Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme have decided that volunteering for this project will count in the Gold Star award. Also we are talking with the London Boro. Of Hackney to set up a similar scheme there.

It is our intention to start a club at St Dunstan’s school Glastonbury as early as possible. They have indicated that they have a place to store the chairs and we anticipate we will be able to pass over to them 5 hopefully more when we replace the chairs currently in use in Yeovil. Each chair costs £750.00 plus VAT. Also the coaches have to have level 1 & 2 teaching certs. from the British Wheelchair Basketball Association, these courses cost £100 a go and we need two to three qualified coaches. We are lucky in Glastonbury, we have enough people who want to go on the course so that solves I hope that problem. Also St Dunstan’s will be our control school, we will follow the progress of each of the students that join in the scheme and at the end of year one will be in a position to see what progress has been made to improve their life style. We will be speaking to a local college to see if they will undertake this evaluation for us as independent assessors.

The management of the project will be handled by SASP (Somerset Active Sports Partnership) they are already in schools and other places in Somerset.

Here is a condensed breakdown of costs.

As for the cost of the Wheelchair Basket Ball Project, we have estimated the costs over a 4 year period (2012/2016) as we believe that this will be the length of time it takes to get the project established and fully operational, and achieve our aim of having a team we support playing in a national league.


£ 2,000

Fuel for Transport

£ 8,000

Transport Insurance

£ 5,000

Hire of Sports Halls

£ 2,400

Equipment £ 2,000
Purchase 30 new chairs (30 x £750 ea) £ 21,000
Other Insurances £ 2,000

Expenses, Course fees NWBA Levels 1&2

£ 2,500


£ 1,000




£ 45,900




£ 11,900


£ 11,810


£ 10,910

This money will need to be raised from either one source or as a partnership

And the charity is actively working to achieve this.

Our Goal

TS5C's aim is to make a difference to people's lives in Somerset - be it in providing funding for trim trails, disability swimming events, up and coming athletes or community projects like wheelchair basketball.

We exist solely on donations from individuals, businesses and small foundations. If you would like to support our efforts, please contact us directly.