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The flagship fund has already benefited over 130 young athletes from Somerset in a variety of sports. TS5C sponsored athletes have already achieved significant results at both County and National level, and have competed for Team GB in international competitions.

The winter training for Triathlon is now coming to an end and the race season is just starting.  Over the winter I have been training with the South West Triathlon Academy which has been very good, great fun and has me got me ready for this coming season.

I have also been competing in the Somerset County Swimming Championships where I got a number of PB’s and have also been selected to race for Somerset at the English Schools Cross Country Championship at Leeds this coming weekend.

Last weekend was busy though with a race and training with the Academy at Paignton Velo Park.  The weekend started with me competing in the Bath Duathlon which is part of the South West Championships which was held at Odd Down Cycle circuit, this is one of my favourite bike circuits.  This year I am racing in the Youth Category which is a x2 jump in distance from last year with the race now being 3km run – 15km bike – 1.5km run.  My race was a mix of Youth Girls, Boys and the Women, making for an interesting mix of abilities and a busy track.  I knew that I needed to keep a steady run pace in the first run to leave plenty of energy for the bike and final run.  I came into the bike transition pretty much where I was expecting to be and set about chasing my team mate down from the academy on the bike section.  By lap 6 I had caught her up and started to go about opening up the gap as I know she is a good runner and would be hard to beat in the final run.  By the time the bike had finished I had opened up the gap between us to 15secs, buy annoyingly towards the end of the run my leg injury started to play up so I had to ease off so as not to make it worse giving up 2nd place.  Still overall I was pleased with my runs being faster per km than last year and my bike laps being significantly faster even though the distance was double.

Next month see’s the start of the British Triathlon Super Series with the performance assessment at Loughborough University.  This event brings all interested participants together to be ranked ahead of the Llanelli Super Sprint in May, the 1st Triathlon of the Series.  I am really looking forward to this and hopeful of a good ranking which seeds my start position for the first few races of the series, before series position is used to seed the race start for the latter part of the season.

Our Goal

TS5C's aim is to make a difference to people's lives in Somerset - be it in providing funding for trim trails, disability swimming events, up and coming athletes or community projects like wheelchair basketball.

We exist solely on donations from individuals, businesses and small foundations. If you would like to support our efforts, please contact us directly.
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