Healthy Living Fund
we are building a longer term “endowment” fund to encourage wider participation in sport and to run the Healthy Living fund, which is designed to provide grant aid to groups of people of all ages across Somerset, to help them live a more healthy lifestyle.
Within Somerset there is up to 10 years difference in life expectancy, depending on where you live. Significant numbers of schoolchildren are overweight, and one in three households have an adult with a long-term debilitating illness.

These are just some of the issues this fund will address; reducing health inequities, and improving life chances and quality of life.

Somerset Community Foundation administers the TS5C.  Under this scheme, a portion of donations are used to create a 'legacy' fund to promote healthier lifestyles in Somerset through support for grassroots voluntary and community organisations.

As an endowed fund, the donations are invested to generate an income for grant-making in perpetuity. As such the criteria for grants are kept broad within the 'healthy lifestyle' theme, but specific priorities may be selected from year to year.


Healthy lifestyles - general principles

Grants up to £500 will be targeted at projects that promote healthier lifestyles through sport and physical exercise and improved diets. Priority will be given to the areas where poor health is an issue and where life expectancies are lowest and to projects where community-led responses target 'hard-to-reach' people.

Eligible Organisations

These grants are specifically for small voluntary and community organisations. They do not need to be registered charities, although their activity should be charitable. Although hard to define precisely, we will be looking for the following characteristics.

  • Board or management committee made up of local people from the community and/or the beneficiaries (or their representatives)
  • Constitution or equivalent
  • Own bank account
  • Clear accounts (unless a new organisation)
  • An organisation where a grant of £500 could be considered a significant contribution

Statutory organisations or organisations that are largely governed by representatives of statutory organisations will generally not be considered as community-led.

Local branches of national charities are eligible, but we will seek evidence of local autonomy in decision-making and project development.

Eligible Projects

The fund will support a broad range of activities that promote healthy lifestyles through amateur sport, physical exercise and improved diets. Currently, priority will be given to projects that improve the health of children and young families, particularly reducing levels of child obesity. Grants will not be made to support individuals under any circumstances, either directly or channelled through a local organisation.

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Our Goal

TS5C's aim is to make a difference to people's lives in Somerset - be it in providing funding for trim trails, disability swimming events, up and coming athletes or community projects like wheelchair basketball.

We exist solely on donations from individuals, businesses and small foundations. If you would like to support our efforts, please contact us directly.